Should you list or link?

Updated on July 18, 2024



In which case do you need to list products?

  • You have your products on 1 channel.
  • You want to go multichannel ecommerce.

How to list your products on more channels?

Read this guide article to get your listing published on more channels. 


In which case do you need to link (connect) your listings?

  • You have your listings already live on several channels. 
  • You want to sync inventory across channels, manage and edit centrally.

Read here the conditions your products must have in order to link ->

In order to successfully connect, your products must have 100% matching SKU codes.

How to connect your products on multiple channels?

In order to link (and hence sync), your listings need to:

  • have the same SKU code on both channels, otherwise, Nembol can’t recognize they are the same products
  • have the same variations and SKU code per variation
  • be imported from both channels.

Check this guide on how to activate the link function and connect your listings on multiple channels.